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Our story actually began….. on a soccer field. Well, it did for the brothers, Nick and Travis! Long before Jillian and Brian met, the brothers played on the same club soccer team in middle school, the Sidewinders. This is how the Paganellis and Crowleys first knew each other.  Jill and Brian have no real memory of each other back then, so the universe continued its efforts to pull them together. For instance: while Brian was working at Dave’s Cast of Characters, he performed as a Jonas Brother at a 3 year old's birthday party. The guest of honor was, none other than Mia Paganelli, Jillian’s "goddaughta" (yes, we do have photo evidence)! At Croton’s summer theatre program, Jill and Travis worked together as co-counselors, connecting the dots back to the soccer days. It wasn’t until Brian’s senior prom in 2008 at Croton-Harmon HS that his classmate and friend, Joe, who also happened to be a dear family friend of the Pags’, took Jillian to prom. During pre-prom picture festivities, under a covered porch in a misty June drizzle is where the bride and groom officially, and finally, met (and yes, there's photo evidence of that, too!)


21st Century poet, Kelly Clarkson sings: “Here’s the thing, We started out friends, It was cool, but it was all pretend…” Following prom, separate groups of friends convinced both Jill and Brian to audition for a summer production of the musical, “Jesus Christ Superstar;" Jill was cast as one of Judas’ tormentors, and Brian as King Herod (2009). The seeds of friendship were thus planted and continued to blossom throughout the summer. Eventually, back at their respective colleges, 97 miles apart, they became each other’s best college friends. Jill would drive home from Allentown, PA on weekends so that the two could continue to hang out, seeing concerts and shows together with each other and mutual friends. 


After Jillian graduated (2011), she received a job offer to work at a rehabilitation clinic in Oaxaca, Mexico. It was during this time, prior to her leaving, that there was something there that wasn’t there before; their friendship had begun to grow into something more. At the end of her six-month position, Jill was offered an extended commitment to remain in Mexico. By this point, Brian was missing Jill very much as she tortured over her decision. So during his senior year spring break (2012), Brian booked a flight to Oaxaca to surprise Jill. Suffice to say, Jillian did not accept the job and returned home.  They’ve been together ever since.


...and now you know.

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