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Brian and Jillian’s fairy tale engagement adventure took place in the picturesque city of our northern neighbors, Montréal, Canada. Brian had wanted absolutely every detail of his proposal to be perfect for his intended, most especially the WHERE, so he thought back to the very beginning, a very good place to start…..

In the fall of 2011, the Crowley Brothers played a sold out show🤘🏼up in Montréal where Jill had joined in as a "groupie." The autumn days there were spent sightseeing with family, friends and fans. The favorite spot by far was La Place des Arts, a modern, new cityscape courtyard that featured incredible EPCOT-style dancing water fountains that sprung from the sidewalks. Friend and photographer, Alex, also along on the trip, took photos of Jillian joyously running through the gushing springs. Looking back, Brian accredited this time and place as the moment he truly began to love Jill.

Hence, the idea to satisfy the "where" was hatched.


Jill running through the fountains at La Place des Arts, October 2011. Photographed by Alex Adamo.

MONTRÉAL: Part Deux, Le Retour 

The initial plan to get back to Montréal in September, 2018 was not without numerous complications. Without yet revealing his ultimate plot, Brian invited all the siblings, including Canadian “brother” Gabe (this band of characters also known as “the seesters”) to commit to a weekend in Montréal to celebrate Brian’s 28th birthday altogether. Once the seesters were all on board, Brian shared with them his true intentions; now it was crucial to make Jill believe it was she who was planning a surprise for Brian. Through twists and turns and myriad boldface lies, they concocted an elaborate Oceans 8-style heist to lure Jillian toward La Place des Arts for golden hour. Then, in singles and pairs, with excuses aplenty, the siblings peeled away from them. Brian had arranged for a photographer who was hidden in the crowds that had gathered that 15th of September. Even though the fountains were turned off, Jillian instantly recalled the place she had once danced as Brian got down on one knee. He proposed. And she said, “yes!”

The surprise, however, did not end there: the dinner that Jill thought she had planned for Brian’s birthday was really an engagement celebration assembled for her. The final reveal as the couple mounted the stairs into the restaurant was to see that each of their parents (and Brian's sister, Eva!!) had traveled to Montréal as well, to join the momentous occasion of the joining of the Paganelli and Crowley Clans. Everyone laughed and cried well into a very happy night.

No major life event is complete without a proper theme song, and naturally, right before the seesters and co. left for Montréal, this song, #Electricity by Dua Lipa was released. Lyrically, the song is about promising to be there for your people; allowing yourself to let down your guard around them; and above all, protect them, especially through the hard times. It became such the anthem for the special weekend in Montréal that with all of our emotions (and champagne) kicking in the seester squad thought it would be hilarious if we recreated the original music video (it's nearly a frame-for-frame match).

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